When and How to cut your cake

We don’t think it is difficult to cut a cake, but when couples come to actually cutting their cake they often have a few questions, so here are a few simple tips.


Scheduling of cutting the cake during your reception usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when your are planning your timeline.

Cutting your cake earlier in the evening serves a couple of purposes:
Your photographer is often booked for a set duration and wants to capture this moment.
Are you using your cake for your dessert?  If so, your venue may like your cake to be cut a little earlier in the evening which allows them more time to prepare dessert for your guests.
Cut your cake before the ‘party gets started’ and it won’t break up the fun being had on the dance floor.


Are you going to serve dessert along with wedding cake or will your wedding cake become dessert?  You do have options.  Just because it is a cake and sweet doesn’t mean it needs to be served as dessert. Some venues may include dessert as a part of your menu, in this case you may like to choose for a smaller wedding cake for ‘show’ and for the tradition of ‘cutting the cake’.

You can also offer several varieties of cupcakes for your guests (to meet dietary requirements) for them to take home as Bomboniere or Wedding Favors, placed in a cute little box gift box with a note, while your tiered wedding cake is for you to cut.


It’s a joint effort.  Have a little practice before your day so you feel comfortable, traditionally the bride places her hand on the cake-cutting knife first and the groom put his hand over hers and gently cut together.


The tradition is for the bride and groom to save the top tier of their wedding cake for the first anniversary, therefore you only cut through the bottom tier of the cake. (maybe check with your cake decorator if your cake may be frozen for the next 12 months before you go freezing the top tier).

Take your time cutting the cake so we can get some nice images, close up of your hands, holding the knife, you both cutting together, and of course a kiss.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?      How far will you go?

You can make a small cut and stop here or, continue on….  cut a small piece and remove this with the server and place it onto a side plate and cut in half with the knife.  You can gently feed your partner a first bite, and they can do the same in return.

Your guests will clap and cheer, and the cutting is complete.

Discuss options with your partner before your day so you both know what is planned and can go straight into cutting your cake.

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