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If I am honest Family photos can be one of the most stressful part of a wedding day for wedding couples! (in a nice way.. we all love our families), it doesn’t have to be stressful, hence why we plan this part of the day in advance.

After your ceremony you have some time for hugs and kisses, a quick congratulations from your family and friends before we take your group photo and then your “must have” family photos. I hear stories of couples not receiving a photo with parents or grandparents on their wedding day and we certainly don’t want o miss this opportunity.

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Depending on your wedding day photography timeline and your venues schedule we don’t always have a lot of time for your family photos. By having a family photo list we won’t miss any of those must have family photo combinations, and we will be super organised.

What is a Family Photo List?

A family photo list is an actual list of all of the “must have” family photo combinations. This often only includes your immediate family members. In saying this, it is often because of your timeline and this also depends on the number of people in your extended family.

By having a family photo list we ensure we have:

1. Photos with the most important people in your life; parents, siblings, grandparents and children
2. Nobody gets missed out. If someone ducks off to the bathroom or isn’t present when we do your photos, we will be calling for them.
3. It also stops your ‘long lost Aunt‘ jumping into every photo. You love her but don’t need her in every wedding photo!

How do you create your family photo list for your wedding?

We want to start with your immediate family members and go from there. As your photographer if take several photos of each group to ensure that everyone is looking their best. We estimate 2-3 minutes for each photo you have on your list. We complete the following for each of you:

Partner 1 Side

  • Partner 1 with mum
  • Partner 1 with dad
  • Partner 1 with both parents
  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 with parents
  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 with immediate family (siblings)
  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 with immediate family + partners
  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 with grandparents

Partner 2 Side

  • Partner 2 with mum
  • Partner 2 with dad
  • Partner 2 with both parents
  • Partner 2 and Partner 1 with parents
  • Partner 2 and Partner 1 with immediate family (siblings)
  • Partner 2 and Partner 1 with immediate family + partners
  • Partner 2 and Partner 1 with grandparents

Both Sides

  • Partner 2 and Partner 2 with both sets of parents

Plan a list to suit your family

Everyone’s family looks different. Some families are more traditional; others include step parents or step family; and others are made of friends who are so close that they might as well be family.

If you don’t see an important family member on the list above, don’t worry, this is just to get you started. You need to create a list for your day, based on your family. I help all of my couples plan their family photo list, so if you get stuck let me know.

Your wedding reception is also a great time to grab some of those extra photos with extended family members.

Having a Family Photo List is great planning on your wedding day

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