During our engagement shoot on Wednesday I was telling Jacinta and Ty only 5% of my couples are super keen for their engagement shoot, often couples are a little unsure, nervous, or have been told by their partner this is what they are doing, and it takes a little time to get comfortable, which is completely understandable and 100% fine.

When you think about it, you may have met me at a wedding expo or spoke with me over the phone, booked me as your wedding photographer and boom… here we are doing our first shoot together!   But let me reassure you… it won’t take too long before you will be relaxed and having fun, just being you.

A storm was brewing, and once again I skipped around the storm, battled the wind… with lots of laughs,  and found a rainbow… well Ty found the rainbow!    But these are the best beach days for your pre-wedding or engagement shoot, as we had beautiful light to play with and hardly a person around.

The best part, I love when couples message me to tell me they have had a great time.   #lovemyjob

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