GORGEOUS!  yes, Master J and his two big brothers, who did a fabulous job throughout the session.  Well done Mum and Dad, it isn’t easy keeping a 2 and 4 year old occupied throughout a newborn session, but it is certainly worth bringing them along!

Super cute, and I have mentioned before how wonderful it is when it get to see families grow over the years.  I love seeing the kids and their little personalities…

Bec x

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  1. Thanks for the great photos bec, Cant wait to share them with our FAMILY  & Friends.  You were great with the kids ????

  2. look at Jake ????such a beautiful photo. Love the family shots, always such gorgeous photos Of your growing family Leah 

  3. Congratulations. Enjoy these early years with Jake, hopefully zac & Max will let you! Lovely Photographs. 
    Uncle Nick. 

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