Have you considered what season your wedding date falls?

Here are a few timing tips for our local weather seasons.


June – August

Winter weddings on the Gold Coast can offer an enchanting experience that comes with several benefits. The milder temperatures during this season create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, ensuring that both the wedding party and guests can enjoy the celebration without some of our hot summer days. The cooler weather also allows for elegant and sophisticated wedding attire, such as luxurious fur wraps, stylish suits, and long-sleeved gowns, adding a touch of glamour to the occasion.

Furthermore, choosing a winter wedding often leads to cost savings. This can be considered as the ‘off-peak season’ for weddings, although winter weddings are becoming more popular.

Additionally, the picturesque backdrop of the Gold Coast combined with the softer winter light can create breathtaking photo opportunities, with more clear skies and stunning sunsets.

While you have to consider shorter daylight hours, this can be managed with careful planning bringing your ceremony time forward a little allowing plenty of time still for your bridal location photos. Winter can be the perfect time for your Gold Coast or Hinterland Wedding.

Bride and groom married at The Secret Garden Estate on Tamborine Mountain, by Mooi Photography.


September – November

Wedding season is in full swing during spring. Opting for a spring wedding on the Gold Coast presents a myriad of delightful advantages that can make your special day truly memorable. The mild and pleasant temperatures of this season create a comfortable and enjoyable ambiance for both the couple and their guests. Spring allows for a wider range of outdoor venue options, from lush gardens bursting with blooms to stunning beachside settings, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the celebration.

The vibrant colors and fresh blooms that characterize spring can elevate the d├ęcor and atmosphere of your wedding event. The natural beauty of the Gold Coast is further enhanced during this season, and adding a selection of florals to picturesque backdrops for stunning photographs and creating an enchanting settings for your vows.

Not to mention, the longer daylight hours in spring provides that little extra time later daytime ceremonies and outdoor activities. This extended timeframe not only maximizes the available natural light for photography but also allows for a more flexible event schedule.

While spring weddings do come with their considerations, such as potential rain showers, these challenges can be addressed through thoughtful planning and backup options for indoor spaces. With the right preparations in place, a spring wedding on the Gold Coast can offer an unforgettable experience using the charm of the season, creating cherished memories for years to come.

Love is truly in the air and the official wedding season commences.


December – February

Summer days can get hot! Opting for a summer wedding on the Gold Coast does offer numerous benefits that can make your day truly exceptional. The sunny weather creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for outdoor ceremonies and celebrations. The extended daylight hours allow for flexible event scheduling, less time rushing through your wedding location photos, and you can have those late afternoon ceremonies through to your starlit receptions.

However, it’s important to consider potential heat and sun exposure. Planning should include shaded areas, cooling stations, and hydration options for your guests. Plenty of water is needed, not just the beers! Think about what the guys and girls are wearing. It’s not the time of year for that dark thick wool suit you’ve had your eye on.

Planning and considering the tempratures is key, but despite these considerations, a summer wedding can capture the essence of the Gold Coast’s lively spirit.

I do love that we have so much daylight to work with!


March – May

I love this time of year.

Depending on your wedding location there are some beautiful colours around and cooler weather makes a great setting for a wedding. The comfortable temperatures provide an inviting and pleasant atmosphere, well-suited for outdoor gatherings. The moderate daylight hours allow for versatile scheduling, from afternoon vows to cozy evening receptions.

Autumn’s distinctive color palette complements the Gold Coast’s natural beauty, with warm hues and falling leaves creating a picturesque backdrop. The season’s more relaxed ambiance is perfect for outdoor ceremonies and rustic-themed decor, adding a touch of intimacy to the event.

Planning should include backup options for both outdoor and indoor spaces to accommodate any unexpected weather events. We can have some amazing skies and it is usually not too hot and not too cold!

Groom and groomsmen showing their trendy socks.

Have you already booked your wedding date? Did you consider the weather, or not so much?
Sometimes a date is more important than a season and some couples plan for a season. The choice is yours.

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