Top Wedding Tips for Wet Weather on your Wedding day.

Have you heard this before… Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last”.   You know when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, a knot that is wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel.   So they say…

But seriously, I don’t think I have met a wedding couple who is hoping for rain on their wedding day.  Unfortunately when it comes to the weather there isn’t much we can do other than prepare, and that is all we can do.  As your photographer I will be there on your day, rain, hail or shine.  If you are happy to go out into the rain, so am . You don’t have to worry about me!   Here are a few tips to help with your planning…

Embrace the Wet Weather

On your day it is what it is and, rain, hail or shine, your guests will be there to celebrate alongside you both.  More importantly you are marring the love of your life, and a little weather isn’t going to change that.  Yes, it may not be as per your scrapbook, pinterest boards or saved intsa galleries, but this is YOUR day, make it yours and love every moment.  There are so many parts to a wedding day, and in years to come you will look back and still be talking about your day

Sirromet Wines wet weather wedding by Mooi Photography.
This image is from a wedding at Sirromet Winery it was very wet, but this image would not have been quite the same without the rain creating those rain drops and reflections

You Ceremony in Wet Weather

Does your venue have a wet weather option for your ceremony?  Sure we can dance in the rain during your location photos, but your guests may not want to be standing in the rain during your ceremony.  Often venues have a wet weather back up option. This may not be your plan A but at least there is a plan B.   If your venue/location doesn’t have a wet weather option, talk through what will you do if it is raining and what you will advise your guests, how will you proceed during wet weather. Don’t leave this discuss until on the day.

I was photographing a beach wedding and it starting pouring, guests had umbrellas with them, and the couple looked at each other and said, “let’s keep going”… their signing table was absolutely soaked, so we wiped down the back of the car to be used as their signing table A guest kindly stood over me with their umbrella while another held onto my second camera to try and keep it as dry as they could and we kept going.  If you keep going, I will be there right beside you, so will Tarn, one of our favourite celebrants. During their bridal location photos the rain stopped, the sky cleared, and we laughed as we took photos and talked about what had happened. We all dried out and these are moments we love and remember.

Bec Pattinson Photography Wet Weddings

The dress with wet weather

This is always a big concern.  As Elsa says… let it go, let it go…

Your dress will get a little dirty on your wedding day, and this is why they are dry cleaned afterwards.  We will take care of your dress, and aren’t going to ask you to walk through a mud patch or puddle, but we can “pick up” “position” and “drop the dress” so you are perfectly positioned.

True story.. I shot a wedding in Beechmont, a backyard wedding, there were so many little details and so much planning went into their day. A clear day would have been absolutely beautiful. We had torrential rain all morning and it rained the entire day, but everyone had an amazing day, one of the best weddings I have photographed. While we were on the road taking photos, the rain was running off the road that quickly it actually gave the dress a little clean.

Now don’t they look like they are having fun? A wedding I will never forget and we still talk about it.

Your Hair and Makeup

Having an experienced makeup artist is like gold on a wet wedding day.  Emma’s makeup lasted all day, even with so much rain, and she still looked amazing.  This was thank you to Amanda from Amanda Higl Hair and Makeup… AMAZING!  and if it is raining and you were having your hair down or out, maybe look at pinning some up.  If your hair is pinned up and gets wet it will still look great and stops you from getting cold.


We love using umbrellas in your wedding photographs, but don’t be afraid to have a larger umbrella to keep you dry and the pretty clear ones for the photos.  In all honestly they aren’t really big, to nice to have a couple of extra large golf umbrellas, for moving from A to B, then using the clear ones for your photos.

Wet Wedding Boots Bec Pattinson Photography

Your Shoes for wet weather weddings

Ladies, if it is going to be wet, don’t be afraid to switch out those heels for something a little more practical for your location shoot.  If we are walking around puddles or in grassy fields we don’t want to ruin your gorgeous wedding shoes.  Have something to wear for your location shoot, and you will have a chance to dry off your feet and switch back into your heels ready for your reception entrance.

Don’t stress and have fun.

Easier said than done? Don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your day!   I will be there with you, we can see what the weather it like.  Even it if is raining in the morning of your day, this doesn’t mean it will be raining later in the day.  Take each moment as it happens, love these moments, enjoy your time with your partner, family and friends.

Wet Weather Weddings with Bec Pattinson Photography

And just keep in mind, there are some images you can’t get on a sunny day or night!

Maudsland Wedding Gold Coast, bride and groom.

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