Same Sex Weddings

It’s a big YES from me!

What can I say… I love weddings and I love love.

People should be able to marry the love of their life and be able to celebrate this day with their family and friends.

I do hear couples say a marriage certificate is only a piece of paper, what does it matter? but it does! I did to me. I couldn’t wait to officially call my partner my husband, and I think everyone should have this opportunity and now they do. That little piece of paper officially allows you to become a Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs.

It means something different to everyone, and marriage is really special to me.

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Planning your same sex wedding?

I photograph all weddings in a very similar format, using the same techniques I know and have learnt over the years.

Generally brides take longer than grooms during their wedding preparation coverage. We go through your ceremony and how you would like to or not like to walk down the aisle. Are you affectionate in front of your family and friends, or not so much? We discuss all of these things before your day and you just be you!

After your ceremony we have time for candid congratulations, a fun group photo and then your family photos before we head off for your wedding location photos.  All weddings have a very similar format yet can be so different. 

A quick call can often put your mind at ease. If you are looking for a fun photographer who loves documenting weddings the way your day unfolds, with a great vibe, give me a call.

Have a read through my frequently asked questions, and if there is anything else you’d like to know please get in touch.

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