Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Have you heard of an ‘unplugged ceremony’? It is actually a ‘thing’ and here are some reasons why you may consider an unplugged wedding ceremony for your wedding day!

It’s your wedding day, and you can choose what you would like to include or not include in your ceremony, other than the legal vows which you need to be legally married in Australia! Some couples opt for an unplugged wedding ceremony and here are 5 top reasons why an unplugged ceremony could be great for your wedding.

You have to take into consideration your guests, can they follow instructions (saying this in the nicest way possible), are they obsessed with social media or their phones or ipad devices. I have photographed weddings where a guest stood mid aisle while the bride was walking down the aisle, and often guests leaning out of their chairs, even during the first kiss. Everyone has smart phones these days and are all wanting that perfect photo to share. I am pretty quick to recongnise the ones who may attempt this, but during a special moment within your ceremony we cannot call “stop” and redo that moment.

Have a read and see what you think.

Emotional Presence

By putting their phones away, have your guests fully immersed in the ceremony, experiencing the emotions and significance without distractions from their electronic devices. It is only 30 minutes and they will do fine without them.

No Risk of Photobombs

This is the biggest reason. Even though you know your family and friends better than anyone, what are the chances of someone leaning into the aisle to get that perfect photo. We can’t just ‘edit them out’ in all situations. Walking down the aisle takes seconds and if you have someone leaning out or holding their phone out to take a photo or a quick video that can be a moment lost. And, it does happen. Unplugging reduces the risk of guests unintentionally photo bombing professional photos during those special moments. Keep in mind your guests may still take a sneaky image here or there, just not so obvious.

Aesthetic Enhancement:

The visual appeal of the ceremony is heightened when faces are not obscured by screens, offering everyone uninterrupted views and preserving the overall atmosphere.

Privacy Control

You can maintain the desired level of privacy by limiting the sharing of moments on social media and keeping certain aspects of the ceremony exclusive to only your guests.

Prevention of Social Media Overload

Unplugging your ceremony helps control what gets shared on social media. Maybe you want a chance to announce your wedding as a married couple yourselves, or manage what is shared on social media. This also avoids images posted before your ceremony has concluded.

Ultimately, the decision to have an unplugged wedding ceremony is a personal one.

On the flipside, if you love the idea of your guests snapping away during your ceremony, ask your celebrant to request your guests to refrain from taking photos while you walk down the aisle, or not to lean in from their seats. You can also ask your celebrant to request no images are to be uploaded to socials until you as a couple have announced your marriage yourselves. If you are happy for your guests to take photos, a little direction with how and when can assist, but keep in mind people can also get excited in the moment.

There are a few options when it comes to unplugged ceremonies. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it’s just an option to consider when planning your ceremony and do what works for you.

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