Have you considered not having a Bridal Table?

Wedding receptions are forever changing and you have options. There are new trends, more intimate weddings and maybe no more bridal party table at your wedding reception. Here are some options to consider when planning your wedding reception and deciding whether to have a bridal party or not.

What other options are available? You do have options and you can certainly have your wedding your way!

The Traditional Bridal Table

The more formal and traditional way is to have your full bridal party sitting with you at the head of the room. This will include your matron of honour and bridesmades on one side, and the best man and groomsmen along the other, but this isn’t your only option!

Formal wedding reception setup at the Sheraton Marina Mirage Gold Coast

The Couples Table, a table for 2

Another option which I have seen and love is the Couples Table.

This is exactly what is sounds like, a little table for two and it comes with some benefits. You can have your guests a little closer surrounding your table as it isn’t so long. If you don’t have a bridal party your table doesn’t look empty, it is set up just for two, or if you do have a bridal party, they can sit with their loved ones and friends, while you can enjoy a table for two.

This idea is super cute and a great option for more intimate weddings.

A couples table for two at your wedding reception vs a full bridal table
A couples table for two at your wedding reception vs a full bridal table

No Bridal Table

Alternatively you could completely ditch your bridal party table at your reception. That’s right, why not sit amongst your family and friends, no formal ‘bridal table’ is needed. If you are having a larger number of guests this option maybe a little more difficult for your guests to see and chat with you both. It is a great option for more intimate weddings.

Intimate Family wedding celebration at Intercontential Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast
bridal couple sit amongst guests, no more bridal table for this couple at Pethers Rainforest Estate
Bridal couple sitting amongst guests at wedding reception, The Acre Boomerang Farm, Gold Coast
Bridal couple sit at their reception with their guests, The Acre Boomerang Farm Gold Coast

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Depending on your reception venue and the size of your room. These are some great options to consider.

Are you following traditions, are traditions important to you, do you have a bridal party, are they with partners, or are you happy to consider something a little different?

Keep all of this in mind, it is nice to have an allocated seat for the special couple, wheather it’s with your bridal party, your family, or along side your fabulous guests, the choice is yours.

Let us know what you think? What are you planning for your upcoming wedding?

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